A faster way to grow your brand.


Choose the right target audience for your product and deliver a memorable experience in their most comfortable environment.

    Hyper target consumer profiles
    Interrupt existing brand loyalty
    Gain customers & real advocates
    Engage Influencers & bloggers


Measure performance and turn honest consumer feedback into actionable insights on any aspect of your product or brand. 

    Customisable surveys
    Digestible reports
    Audience segment breakdowns
    Focus group insights at scale


Amplify awareness, build trust and drive sales through viral social buzz, trusted word of mouth and user generated content.

    Drive sales & recommendations
    Boost awareness & engagement 
    Grow social media channels
    Capture user generated content

The Triyit box I received was a perfect match for me and introduced me to products I had never seen or heard of. The campaign activities were really fun and I loved sharing my thoughts on the things I got to try too. I’ve definitely found some new favourites that Iʼll be adding to my shopping list!

Fiona Richards

Product Discovery Club member

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